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SNOWMOBILE ... Sensations and fun guaranteed !
Quebec has the largest network of snowmobile trails in the world: nearly 35,000 km of tracks. The Saguenay - Lac- St- Jean , with Monts Valin , has the largest field of winter game and is known for having the best quality of snow and the best snow in Quebec. Our snowmobiles are known to be reliable , efficient and comfortable . Our apparels , specially designed for the practice of this activity will ensure a perfect insulation.


It is in these mountains that the Quebec winter begins and ends and they receive an average of more than 6 feet of snow . Admire all the finesse of a snowflake, just watch your mittens ! The sight of ice mummies and ghosts of white snow that unfolds before your eyes dazzle you . A unique natural phenomenon !

SEAPLANE ON SKI ... Thrills guaranteed!
Hover over the course of your stay in the heart of the snowy vastness of the wild forest and its many lakes hidden under their white coat! You can not forget the memory of sensations that will give you the low-altitude flight, takeoff or landing on a frozen lake.

EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES ... An bound in time!
In a way quite original, ensconced in a fur in a sleigh, your guide will immerse you in the Christmas story!

FISHING UNDER THE ICE ... The warmth of the people!
Discover white fishing, an activity practiced by Native Poeple since time immemorial. The Saguenay Fjord is the ideal place for the practice of this activity. Since your heated cabin or in the great outdoors, you can fish for many species its waters contain. Lunch in the fishing village or inn.

DOGSLEDDING ... An experience to try!
An adventure behind a pack of Siberian  or Huskies dogs you will undoubtedly feel, when you drive your team, feeling what could live trapper. Various courses offered: the Monts Valin, the Parc des Laurentides, the Saguenay Fjord and the Lac-St-Jean. Lunch in a wood camp.