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Welcome to Passion Québec !

You may not know it yet, but there is nothing like Passion Quebec to enjoy the winter fun! Once there, you will enjoy our hospitality and our permanent presence on the site that provides you an outstanding customer service. As a bonus, fans of winter sports will find in us what they are looking eagerly ... SNOW!  Even they have over the head!

The snowmobile enthusiasts have reason to choose the Monts Valin, a beautiful site, known for its exceptional snow and the magic of the landscape. The biggest playground in Quebec in winter! It is here that winter begins and it ends! Between November and April , regardless of the period of your stay, you will play in the snow! We receive an average of up to 6 meters! The only place in all of North America to offer this guarantee of snow!
In addition, all our facilities are at the foot of the only ski resort in Quebec to offer a ski area on 100% natural snow. No one can claim to have done a great ski without at least once rolled down its slopes in powder knee!
For the discovery of the winter, true white, we will certainly make your stay unforgettable!

 Why Passion Québec?

Passion Québec is a company specializing in tourism tours and stays custom activities that meet the tastes and demands of each, located in the Monts Valin, down the slopes of a ski resort, in the heart of a beautiful alpine village.

Since 1996, Passion Québec organizes nature-adventure four seasons stays , offers various tourist quality accomodation for up to 180 people, a restaurant in a small bistro where food is amazing and the rental snowmobile trails and off-trails.

In an enchanting emotions and activities,  these stays, particularly with  the content is based on the exploration of nature and looking for adventures, also fit anyone wishing to further explore regional culture on circuits more or less traditional.

And that's not all!

In addition to providing quality accommodation, Passion Québec also offers packages evening meals/breakfast small bistro, licensed convenience store with gas station, a rental snowmobile, 4-wheel motorcycle (quad) and bicycle mountain without forgetting the valuable information and guide track or off-track service.

 Adept snowmobiling, downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating or snow tubing?