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MOTO 4 WHEELS (ATV) OR JEEP ... The call of the forest and lakes!
Go to your log cabin or to explore the wild forest and its many lakes in control of your all-terrain vehicle. In order not to lose you, so take a guide ... Quebec's forests are huge!

FISHING ...  The right place at the right time!

A fishing guide and competent professional will help you discover an oasis of tranquility where many species are waiting to be measured to you! Sophisticated fishing equipment, all lures, bait and life jackets are provided.


EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES ... The discovery of the hinterland!
In a way quite original, on horseback or in a carriage comfortably, your guide will walk you through the rural traditions such as agriculture and forestry.

SEAPLANE ... Chills guaranteed!
Whether to fly the many attractions of the beautiful province, the course of your stay or the wild forest to access stunning log cabins, you can not forget the feelings that will give you the low-altitude flight, takeoff or landing.

RAFTING ... The ultimate adventure!
Shipshaw river is controlled by a dam, which guarantees you down the river in an exceptional and constant water level. Accompanied by a professional guide who will respect your level of learning and safety kayakers, your experience will live up to your expectations and will remain forever etched in your memory. You can even view your performance on video! (Considering the risks inherent in this activity, the participant must complete a medical questionnaire.)

NOTE: Other special activities and/or specific can be integrated into the organization of your stay.