where fun falls from the sky...



                             All accommodations are non-smoking

                                  and no animal is accepted.
                                      (from goldfish to polar bear!!!)

From November to April, the monts Valin, with an annual average of about 6 meters of snow, are recognized as a great place to practice outdoor sports.

If you are looking for beautiful accommodations, you've found it! At the heart of the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, you can choose between a room in a cottage, a loft, a cottage or a log cabin. Each includes bedding and dishes. Just bring your food and personal hygiene products. With a total capacity of 178 people, you come alone, as a couple, with family or friends three buses, there will always be happy to receive you!

And if cooking does not interest you, packages of restaurant does not leave you on your appetite!

Close to all activities (skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, snow tubing, hiking, dog sledding, ice skating) and two steps away from the Trans-Quebec Highway snowmobiling, all our accommodation are located in a residential district, in the heart of the Alpine village and offer a magnificent view of the Monts Valin and Valinouët ski slopes. If, in addition, you have the good fortune to visit us during the winter season, you will have the feeling of being part of a Christmas card size ... Extraordinary!

And the most beautiful in all this?

Being client Passion Québec, children 7-17 years have access to the Chalet Recreation Alpine village. Games, activities and outdoor rink fill their evenings.

And perhaps you do not know, but the Christmas party looks like a postcard: two Masses are held in the ski resort. It's like being part of a nativity scene ... Magnificent!

And, with a reservation, Santa goes to you to deliver the gifts and surprise young people and all those who kept their child's heart! Unforgettable!


In addition to the explosion of color in the village, those who want to celebrate the New year will not be forgotten because a mega fireworks, worthy of the great cities, the sky lights up the mountain to inaugurate the New Year big way! Frankly magic!

What are you waiting for to buy souvenirs?


The Hosting Monts Valin!
Reservations recommended at 418-673-1001